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If you don’t understand the Immigration process into the United States, it can be a daunting task for any applying immigrant family. The United States Immigration laws can be quite complex and very difficult to understand for even a US citizen. Then you consider that the national that is usually applying for the Visa most likely doesn’t yet understand the American customs as well as the language. Immigration Partners of America and it’s professional partners serve as guides to walk you through the entire immigration process from start to finish.

That’s why we always recommend to nationals you should first hire a well respected Immigration Attorney that understands all the task and complications of the immigration process. We can recommend to you some of our favorite professionals. See “Resources” page.

Immigration Partners of America can assist you with all your immigration relocation needs as well as referring our entire professional immigration team of Immigration Attorneys, Business Attorneys, and Business plan writers. I am a Licensed Florida Real Estate Sales Associate and Senior Business Advisor with Transworld Business Advisors, the world leader in business sales. I can guide you and your family through the entire acquisition process of a quality US Business at the best prices available. Through TBA we can also assist you in the investment of buying you the right home for you and your family.

E-2 Treaty Investor Visa
The US Governments E-2 Visa Program has quickly become one of our countries fastest growing  programs for foreign nationals whom are looking to own a business and live with their family within the United States of America. The E-2 visa can be also be approved in a couple months. More E-2 Information
L-1 Work Visa
If you currently own a business in your home country and would like to acquire a business within the United States, the L-1 Visa may be your choice of immigration for you and your family.  The L-1 visa can be also be approved in a couple months.
More L-1 Information
EB-5 Investor Green Card
For many immigrants families a EB-5 investment is the best direct path to a green card or permanent residence within the United States.  After living here many E-2 or L-1 investors typically apply for EB-5 Permanent Green Card.